May 20, 2010

Take Off Tuesday!!

Hey there everybody. WHEW! Am I on a roll this week! I never thought I would actually get back up to a post every day but here I am with three under my belt this week. And it feels good! Of course that could be because baby is sleeping well which means so am I ; )

Well, these last few months I have been finding ads that inspire me and I have been ripping them out and keeping them on my desk hoping to get to them at some point. It's been ages since I have done a Take-off Tuesday, (yes every color is a diff. link) and technically it is Wednesday but just for the sake of old times I thought I would show you what inspired me.
Take this ad from Garnet Hill. I think I have had it for a month or so. I LOVE the colors, the layout and the textured tile background.

So, here is what I did. I took EVERY element I liked and made my card exactly the same:
Now honestly I could have just not showed you the ad and pretended like I came up with this on my own, but I did not, and I love to share my inspiration...even if it makes up the entire card for you ; )  I wanted to give a little shout out to the good ol' PTI set Beautiful Blooms. But that is because I should have Beautiful Blooms II coming in the mail any day and whew baby, am I excited!! I am back to stalking the mail man and I don't think he likes it ; )
So here is what I did. I scored the blue CS and then sanded the score lines. Then I went back and rubbed some white ink on the creases to help it stand out even more. The flower centers are from Floral Frenzy (PTI) and the sentiment is from Everyday Classics (also PTI). The tag is Spellbinders with one side cut off and rounded out. 
Pretty simple and that is a wrap for me tonight!

Please don't forget to comment either HERE or HERE for a chance to win some free schtuff from me! And for those of you who have already commented THANKS! I love to hear what you do with mistake cards and believe me I have done all of those things too. Glad I'm not the only one ; )  I am confident that this card will actually be sent out, mistake and all. Cause you know the one person that loves anything you make regardless of what it looks like??? That's who its going to, eventually. Yup, you got it.... my mom.  And I am sure she will love it because her kid made it (even if she doesn't really REALLY love it). Now that I am a mom I finally get to see the other side of that scenario and it is a joy!

Ok, nighty night my friends. I hope you are having fun no matter where you are right now.


Lindsay said...

I just love what you did with this card! Everything works so well together. I have been debating about that stamp set and I think I might just have to get it! ;0)

Cindee Stacey said...

I love that you shared your inspiration with us. It really helps me!! I love how your card turned out!

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