May 17, 2010

I am Irked... and A GIVEAWAY!!!!

Well, how goes it?? As you can tell by my title, I am a bit irked. Have you ever had this happen... you have this idea for a card. You get excited! You start working. It doesn't end up exactly how you want but you are still happy with the way things are going and then... BLAMO! You stamp the sentiment on crooked!!
Enter tonight's card:

Seriously? Crooked? Like... whazzup? There is a reason I use clear stamps and blocks for heavens sake! Well,  it did get me thinking about the future of this sweet ol' card. I have a hard time getting all the cards I make out into the post even when they don't have mistakes on them. And this baby is going to be one of the last cards I will send just because of that crooked sentiment. (ugh, I can't stand looking at it!) So I wanted to ask you..... Do you send cards out that you are less than happy about? Do you send it to people you think won't notice or care? Do you hide it away forever? Do you try to fix it in some other way or take it apart and use the elements for a different card? (yes, I have done ALL of these things. It depends on the severity of the mistake).

(a little close up of the gelly roll star pen 'dust')

SO, do me a favor. Leave me a comment any time this week on THIS post about what you do if you make a mistake on your card and you will be entered into a drawing to win some goods from my craft room that need a home. Those things include a CHF stamp set, American Craft pattern paper, and brad and buttons and bling (OH MY!) And well, you just don't know what else might jump into the box! You have until midnight of next Sunday (May 23rd) to join in the fun! 

Thanks for stopping by this week. Have a good one, and happy STRAIGHT stamping!


Linda Beeson said...

I feel your pain, I do that soooo often. I don't know why I even try to stamp it directly on my card! I stamp it crooked first and then stamp it on extra paper and cut that out and mount it to my card, usually with a matching little mat. Always works! Wonderful card and wonderful colors.

Tammy said...

I do the same as Linda. If it's a different type of error, I normally take apart the card and salvage the parts I like and use it on a new card. Thanks for the chance to give some of your craft stuff a new home!!

Lindsay said...

I hate when that happens! Seriously though, the card is super fun! I love the colors and the flower is great! I usually send my cards out to family and friends anyway, because they say it gives it that handmade feel and makes it special.

Cindee Stacey said...

I do this quite often...more than I would like to admit!! I usually find a way to cover it; stamp the word on paper that matches the flower & then punch it out with a tag punch or a die & then pop dot it over the mistake. Or you could just put it right on without the pop dots (dimensionals). I'd probably sponge the edges of the tag or whatever shape you decide to use. This is definitely a beautiful card!! I hope this gives you something to work with!

Ellie A. said...

Oh that is easy cause I am always doing the same thing it seems.. I stamp crocked.. maybe its cause I'm a lefty but whenever I have to stamp a sentiment.. OHHH.. well guess what a piece of Patterned paper covers it right up! lol.. I know I could just used my stampajig but why get up when the mojo is flowing.. (hmm maybe I should just keep it on my desk huh? lol)

maiahs_momma said...

I do one of two things when I make a mistake:
1) I add embellishments(ie.large ribbons)

2) if it is the sentiment I make a mistake with, I either add a label over top of it with the sentiment re-stamped on it or I add a layer to the card

or there is always option 3, throw it out.

Inky Hugs,

~amy~ said...

Oh girl, you know that there are no mistakes in crafting...add more embellies:)

If I make a card that I'm not too hip on, I try to fix it or frankly, I'll toss it before sending it out. Most of my IRL friends are not crafters but ultra-picky so I wouldn't give them anything that I didn't like:)

P.S. If you didn't say anything, I don't know if I would have noticed anything...I'm big on my stamp-a-ma-jig...but still manage to stamp wonkie:)

don't be so hard on yourself sista!

linzi said...

Since I've made a mistake on pretty much every card I've ever made, I've gotten pretty good at covering them up :) And I'm not a pro like you, and most of the people I have given my cards to realize that the card was made with love :)

I usually cover up the mistake by adding to it :) So, if I stamp something crooked, I stamp something below it a little crooked in the opposite direction. Sometimes it even looks like I meant to do it like such! (that's what Miche says, anyway :) )

gocanucksgo said...

Hey Kristie! Stunning card even with the crooked sentiment (you can't really tell from the photo). I usually can't stand if something isn't perfect on my cards so I either cover it up or trash the card. Keep up the great work and thanks =)

Rebecca's Card Hobby said...

I love the card that you made and honestly I would not have noticed the crooked sentiment on your card. One thing you could do is to put a swirl stamp below or to the side of the sentiment and maybe you wouldn't notice it being crooked.

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