Jun 29, 2009

Cosmo Cricket DT Submission

Good Morning people!! Another new week is here and are we ready to have some fun??? I sure am! I am starting out the day sharing with you some of my Cosmo Cricket creations. They are searching for some new DT members and I thought it would be a shame to not apply since I have a love for Cosmo Cricket! Here they are in no particular order:

I know some of you have seen these cards before, but I wanted to get them posted since the deadline is in only two days!! Wish me l.u.c.k.!  

I hope you have a fabulous monday! Today I am reading up on a new way to make bread. Mostly because I want to be able to make artisan kinds myself and I have found a great book that has taken a lot of the "time" out of it. I will be reading THIS BOOK. (Just in case you are interested). And I will be gearing up for a few sneak peaks for Pam at Mackensie Mae Card Kits coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. You are going to LOVE this kit! And our dear Nation's Birthday is this week. Hope to squeeze a fun card in for that as well. All in all it seems to be a very promising week right? Oh, you better believe it missy...
take care

Cosmo Cricket Products:
Mr. Campy Stamps/Paper/Stickers
Hello Sunshine Paper
Dutch Girl Paper/Chipboard
Honey Pie Paper
Cogsmo Paper


Natasha said...

Your cards are great! If they don't pick you, they are CRAZY!!!!!

Good Luck with the bread!

~amy~ said...

Ooohhhhh Kristie!!!! Good Luck Sista!!!!!!

Mmmm...you can send some of your bread my way :) We can be your official taste testers :)

Vicky said...

Good luck, Kristie!!!! Your cards are AMAZING, so they better pick you to be on their team!! :)

Patti J. said...

Kristie, I love that your cards all have a different style! They don't all look 'the same'. These are wonderful, and you should make the DT with no problems!!! Good luck, and keep us posted - LOVE C.C.!!!

Anonymous said...

You will totally rock it....if they don't choose you, they are crazy :).

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