Jul 31, 2014

Just Saying Hello

Hello! Just stopping in really quick. I have some old cards that desperately need to be shown so I can move on. Too many in the archives that are collecting dust!

Here is a simple one using a water-colour technique I keep meaning to get on video. Anyone else out there completely intimidated by video software!? I need to get cracking. I know I can figure it out, I just need to, you know? Well when I do, this will be the first video I do. What I like to call Faux-Watercolor...

So this is how it goes.... you get some water-colour paper and some washable Crayola markers and go to town. Scribble the crap out of it covering the whole thing and then you add water and watch it swirl! It's simple and fun. Then you die cut whatever you want out of your page and make a card with it. Easy!

I had this little airplane that I had embossed with white onto vellum. I found it in the ever growing stash of bits I have made but end up not using. PLEASE say you have a big pile too!? It's getting out of control. I'm going to have to start crafting my stash to keep from being buried in it all. Anyway... just added a cute heart trail for my plane (Mama Elephant) and popped up my letters.

And that's all. My simple hello.
Hope all is well for you this mid-week. Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Miriam Prantner said...

The letters look fantastc! I am definitely going to try this technique with my girls! Love this card!

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