May 20, 2014

Papertrey Ink Coin Purses

Here's the thing about living over seas.... postage is insane. So that explains why I am just getting these coin purse dies when they were released over 2 months ago. I have them sent to my mom and then sent to someone else and then brought to me. Now, you might wonder how in the world I have set up such a sophisticated personal postal system in order to avoid charges. Well, I guess you could say I have an awesome family. But also, the price of shipping is probably the same once you add in everyone who sent it somewhere else. So what that really means is I'm just super smart at shifting shipping costs and my loved ones are just super broke.  Hmm... I must rectify that soon.

Anyway! Onward and upward. Here are my first attempts at the coin purses. Now, in full disclosure, they took a bit of brain power to match up the zipper die cut but other than that, they came together pretty good. I think one of the things that is so great is the many ways you can decorate them. Most of which I have yet to explore.

I pulled out some other PTI die cuts to make my strawberry and flower. I made them really simple. One layer of felt. One zipper and felt embellishments with simple stitching. The blue purse uses a blanket stitch and the orange purse, the running stitch.
The next go round I want to try fabric and fusible webbing, so I will keep you posted on that. I always feel a bit nervous when it comes to the dies fully cutting. Hopefully the fabric will cut easy. The felt did cut easy once I had my metal shim in there. But I did ruin some felt trying it.
I'm trying to be less freaky about messing up product because I feel like it hinders what I am willing to try. It is definitely freeing me up a bit when I say to myself "go ahead and add/cut/stamp that to try it... you have plenty of product and can do it again!!"

When I make things I need them to go to people or be made in mind of someone. I feel like its a bit easer than creating in a vacuum. So these two purses are going to some good friends that live by me. They are both great moms and great friends! I figured mothers day was a great occasion to give them away. Would you believe these slides were built all from my scrap pile? The die cuts and ribbon. It's nice to just dig through a pile of stuff and come up with something instead of it going to waste. It makes you realise how much you can whip together when you have 20 minutes!

Ok. So that's all. Just wanted to share some stuff that I have sitting around waiting to post. There's always something cooking on my crafting burners, so I might as well share it when I have the chance.
But I have a whiny/sick baby on my hands so I need to run.

Thanks for stopping in! Leave me a note if you have time... What did you give/make/receive for mother's day? My kids made me breakfast in bed (the first time ever!) and I had a couples massage with the hubs. That is one thing that is great about living in Asia! Lots of cheap massage places to go to.

love to you


~amy~ said...

These are awesome...I have those dies and haven't used them yet...thanks for the inspiration!

jenmontzingo said...

Hi! Love this, I was just wondering what die you used for the strawberry?

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