Jun 11, 2010

Picture Frame

Hey there all! Well, as you can see there is a new look here on the blog. Do you like-y? Well, I would love to say I planned it, but honestly it was all done by accident. You see there was a button here and a link there and before I knew it I had a new template. It was a confusing whirlwind and I tried to fix it best I could cause I didn't know how to get back to the regular template! HA! So funny that I can even carry on this blog considering how technically challenged I am. Anyway. I do like it so I think I will leave it until I accidentally change it again ; )  Let me know if its easy to read. Nothing worse than squinting your eyes so you can see something. ok... on with the show!

Here is a little somethin' somethin' I pulled together a few weeks ago. I love doing picture frames as gifts because they are fairly simple and so much fun. I used papers and embellishments from My Minds Eye that I have had in my stash for a long long while. I adored it so much I had to get everything on the rack and then it sat untouched waiting to be used until now!

I had originally purchased it all to do some scrapbooking but that never happened. However now with three boys I have lots of reasons to use boy scrapbooking stuff. Just need to get organized. Until then I don't mind using it to make picture frames! Here is the picture I wanted to put in it. I don't actually have the pic yet, I just photoshoped it in so you could see what it will look like:

This was all the boys at the kindergarten concert. It was a farm theme and all the kids were supposed to dress up. Ronin went as a dog. We figured that was a good farm animal (and we already had a costume). It was very cute. I made him this nose (marker on paper) and put it through my sticker maker so he could stick it to his face. He kept pushing it around so it was always in a funny spot. But super cute nonetheless.

Ok thats all for tonight. Must sleep now. Do you have fun plans for this weekend?? I hope so! Thanks for stopping in tonight. I love reading your comments. Thanks for sharing with me. You are appreciated! Hope all is well in your neck o' the woods.


Ink, paper and BLING! said...

I laughed along with you! I am so not tech inclined; I have mad esimilar mistakes many times!Change is good so they say! Right?
White font stands out on black!

Ellie A. said...

I like your new look :) I am super challenged I am SHOCKED that I actually figured out how to change my blog it did take a while and loosing stuff I had on my side bars lol.. but I kind of learned but when ever I want to change my look it takes me almost the WHOLE day so I better like what I do! Ha... :)

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of your boys in that frame. Great Job!! G in Utah

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