Jun 1, 2010

Hello London

I know that is a totally weird title, but there is a reason. So, here is the story:  My dear dear husband has been working a lot lately. I realize it seems like he is always working a lot and really he has been for the last 6 months. But this time its a bit different because he is actually in town and comes home each night but we still don't see him because he leaves early and stays late. BUT he finally got a night off so we could go out on a date. His boss said to have the company pay for it (SCORE!) as a gift to him for working so hard. I found a restaurant and checked on movies. It was delightful if not a bit of a farce. I checked the movie on the wrong date so when we got to the theater the show we wanted to see wasn't playing so we got different tickets but ended up walking into the wrong theater and sat around for a good 30 minutes before we realized it and then had to go to the late show. Our babysitter was asleep by the time we got home. BUT that is not the story... the story is that my dear husband bought me a little thank you gift for the night. And would you believe it he bought me STAMPS?!?! He found these Cavallini & Co. destination stamps at Anthropologie. He said he wanted to give me something that would be just for me and something I could enjoy while he took the kids off my hands for a bit. Isn't that sweet of him?? So I finally got them out to make up a card:
They have a lot of different locations in the world and the postage stamp and bon voyage stamp you see above. I double stamped the London to get the faded look and overlapped the others and then distressed it and sponged it. I wanted it to look like a piece of air mail or something similiar. 
I got my PTI order in the mail and it had this amazing Hawaiian Shores color in it. WOAH how I love it! I also got some of their silk ribbon and dyed it with some ink and a sponge. The flower is actually a paper doily cut small and crunched up. The sentiment is Hero Arts and the flourish on the tag is from PTI Vintage Labels. I like how this turned out even though its got modern colors and vintage-y embellies and stamps I kind of like the blend of two different styles. Anyway. I hope all is well for you! My dear husb has the entire week off!!! We are all really excited. This week is full of home improvements and then the boys are going camping for the weekend. Seriously its tough when he works so hard but when he finally gets time off, it is SOOOO worth it!! This weekend was a glorious time as a family at the beach flying kites. We had a splendid time. How was your weekend??

Hope you will check back more this week. I am finally getting back into crafting mode and have stuff to share! Its great to have t.v. shows ending so I am more motivated to craft and not sit on my duff rocking the baby watching Hulu all night! 

Thanks for checking in today. Have a great one!


Ellie A. said...

Oh that is super sweet :) My weekend flew by but it was an awesome one my Hubby took care of my kiddies while I went into the city to meet up w/bro and his GF and we watched Sex in the City 2! Which was a blast it was nice to escape for a few hrs. and I know how you feel my hubby works 2 jobs and when he gets off he usually sleeps (which he is doing as I type this Ha) but he does so much for us and always makes sure I am always smiling and feeling loved! How lucky are we :)

Patti J said...

My poor DH has worked 7 days/week for many years, so I can sympathize with you! It's very rare that we get time together that isn't built around his job(s). Enjoy this week! Kristie, I have to say that is one thoughtful man you have there - bringing you stamps! Wowzers!!! And really GREAT stamps at that! Tell him the ladies have decided that he rocks!!! AND... YOU rock!!! I received the greatest blog candy package in the mail today - Holy cow, it was so heavy that I almost had to have help carrying it into the house! lol... Thank you so much - I cannot wait to play with all of the new goodies! You are wonderful!

Ink, paper and BLING! said...

I love your card! Wish my hubs would have a night out on his company! He worked until 2am last night and i can look forward to that all week. So kid I know your world!
As for having stamps as a gift, your husband needs to give the rest of the men out there lessons! I get things like washing machines!

Samantha said...

ummmm, your husband went to anthropologie? that to me is awesome. luv the stamps he picked for you, what a sweet guy. this card is beautiful and i enjoyed reading your thought process with it! take care kristie! xoxoxo

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