Sep 27, 2014

Sweet Stamp Shop Coupon Code for YOU!

Hey there friends. I am stopping in real quick to share a Sweet Stamp Shop discount with you! Any of you who read this blog (or are friends with me on FB) can get FREE shipping on card kits over at Sweet Stamp Shop! (Now if we haven't connected yet on FB, now is a great time! Just jump on over and like my page. And voila!)

They just released a new kit this week and it is party time! And nothing says party like free stuff, right?
Check it out:

It has a stamp set, 20 cards and die cuts too!
So here is the deal... use THIS code when you check out: FREEKS (as in Free + KS.... not freaks ;) and you can get Free Shipping (USA only) OR $3.50 off shipping (My international friends!)  You can even add other stamps to your cart and still get it shipped as long as you BUY A KIT!

So that's a pretty good deal because these card kits have been revamped to include MORE gorgeously printed cards AND a stamp set all at the same original price of $15.00!!

I just worked with their Ahoy Kit, which was so much fun. (I have a post coming next month to show you.. yes I know, that's not soon enough!) Take a look:

All the cards are printed in a small shop in California. So you can imagine that quality is everything when a small business wants to grow! And I can say this: The cards are great quality. I have seen them, touched them and used them myself! They aren't those flimsy, faded die cut papers or patterned paper. These are 3"x4" and 4"x6" printed cards with amazing designs on them. And I am usually not a card kit person, but working with these ended up being so effortless and fun that it actually impressed me!

Anyway, I don't have to sell you on them, you can see them all HERE at the shop. Take a look at the 4 they have out already. And check out the blog to see them in action from the many past designers.

I really enjoy them, and I think you will too. And if you want to shop, head on over with the code! It's a great way to end your week! But get moving because it won't last long!

That's all for now! It's 2:30 in the morning here (ah... to live internationally when half the world is finally waking up and I have to go to bed!) But I must sleep so I can take care of littles in the morning. Oh, that morning... it comes so fast!

Thanks for checking in with me today. Have a good one!

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