Feb 15, 2011

Cardabilities #25

Hey there... its February!! Boy does that make me feel good. Although it is SO frigid outside I feel as if spring will never come! But moving on to the month of love does help warm me up a bit.

Here is the sketch for Cardabilities:

Now, before you think me strange, just remember this is supposed to INSPIRE not necessarily dictate what I do. Here is my take:
Listen, I was TOTALLY inspired!! I kept moving around this canvas until something clicked in me. I feel like I have all the elements. Mats, Ribbon... uh, stamps! But you know I tend to dump the symmetrical quite often, so I guess you could say that was a trademark move. Anyway, I was inspired and like how this turned out! It has gone to Ronin's teacher for Valentine's Day.
Here is a little close up. How much do I love polka dots? I mean really, I think they make the world go round.
Love to you this Valentine week!
Have a good one.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that card is darling! Really I need to get back into this craft! G in Utah

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