Aug 11, 2010

Hello! and a project

Well, I tell you what, this is the loooongest I have ever gone without blogging. Whew buddy! But I am back and hope to keep myself moving forward. Patrick was off last week so we did a lot of work around the house and then we went camping and you know there is just something wrong about blogging while you are camping,(not to mention the lack of internet service) so I thought I would just enjoy time with my family and see you all this week. SO I do have some other projects that I have been dying to do lately. One of which I am sharing with you tonight. I have seen this idea around the blog-o-sphere and finally got to do some myself. It took me a while to find the GoodWill but once I did, I perused the glassware section and found these beauties:

I picked up some heavy duty glue that bonds most surfaces and applied it to the bases. Add a little pressure and dry over night:
Then you get this!:
Two cake pedestals ready for serving. It's honestly one of the easiest projects I have ever done and finally I have something to hold my favorite chocolate cake.

So, what have you been doing while I have been gone? Hope you are still around and all is well. I have some projects for Pink Persimmon coming up and another Cardability reveal this week too so come on back.
Thanks for stopping by!
loves and good night kisses~

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Ink, paper and BLING! said...

Love your finds, and your new cup cake holders. Very clever!
I am the one who supplies the thrift stores! ha
I have been purging today. We are moving from Vancouver to California and obviously, we can not take everything I have accumalted in the last 40 years! So i keep trying to pack the paper goods up. And instead I end up filling more bags for the thrift stores. Perhaps one day I will get to the craft stuff.

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