Apr 23, 2010

Welcome Cottage

I have been coloring away with some Copics and Pink Persimmon stamps. I used this cottage from the Gnome Home set to make a 'welcome to the neighborhood' kind of a card:

I added a shadow to the house with a T1 marker and also outlined the entire thing to help it pop a bit more. I am not really sure what the buttons and scallops are doing, but its the result of an original idea that changed at least ten times. 
You can see a close up here. I wanted it to feel like there was a warm fire all aglow in this little gnome cottage. Maybe a fire with an entire gnome family sitting around making smores. I really want to live in this cozy little gnome cottage.... or maybe I just want a smore. It's hard to tell.  

This week has really moved along (as they all do, right!) We have our first baseball game of the season coming up this weekend which is really exciting. DH is taking tomorrow off so we can go to the kindergarten Spring Play and hopefully there will be a lot of relaxing happening. DH has been working hard and coming home late this week which means DW(thats me... dear wife ; ) has been alone with all three kidlets each day and hasn't had too hard of a time with it all. We spent the entire day at the park yesterday since we had no school and even got some nice sun on our cheeks. Spring has been just delightful and we are really enjoying ourselves. I am looking forward to getting some sleep tonight and honestly can't wait to feel the sheets on my toes. In fact I am having a hard time not nodding off already. 

Anyway. I hope you sleep well and dream of sweet things. I hope to dream up a card sketch or two to help inspire me to create more this weekend. I miss crafting everyday! I hope to get back to that soon.
nighty night!

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Alecia Castro said...

SUPER cute card, just love your work!!

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