Aug 18, 2008

Vintage Lacing Cards, Or Otherwise Titled; I HATE Church!!

Since being back into town I have be sick, depressed and frustrated. Did you know?? Well, now ya do! And some of it has been centered around how much I hate church. Now it's not because I don't like the people, or don't believe what is being said, it's just because I hate going to church with my children. I would have titled this post, "I hate my children" But that's not entirely true and really would you have read this post if I would have been that honest? I venture to say NO, you wouldn't have.  

Anyway, since I have been home I have also been DYING to craft. Those few weeks away left me empty (boo hoo!) I guess you could say it's in my blood. SO, while I was brainstorming about how to get through another sacrament meeting with a 18mnth old climbing my shirt and a 4yr old screaming, I realized I needed a PLETHORA of things for them to do. As in a new thing ever 5 minutes. And since I had the crafting itch, this idea come to mind.
Lace Up Cards!!

I have wanted to buy lace-up cards for quite a while but the ones at the store are SO lame and VERY expensive (for what they are). So I set out to make my own. I had this great vintage-y paper by K&Company called Kazoo Kids. It is actually a Scrap Pad which comes with double sided paper PLUS embellishments, trim, letters and other nifty stuff. So I cut some shapes out of leftover cardboard, slapped some patterned paper and trim on them and punched some holes around the edges. I was thinking they would get me by in church, but when I looked at the finished product, I really LOVED Them!!! I think its the paper that just makes them work so well. 
I also picked up some colorful shoelaces at my local 99 cent store to make them that much more fun. I am toying with the idea of some Mod Podge to give it a finish so the paper doesn't rip, and maybe stamping the name of the shape, but not in a cheezy sort of way. But obviously I have yet to do that. The prototype still needs some finessing. What do you think?

Today the kids played with them in sacrament meeting and it was the thing that held their attention the longest. That's saying a lot since I also brought the all holy "spiderman stuff". Yep, that's right, we're mixing the secular with the spiritual. I'm just a mom trying to get through the day, so sue me!

I think I love these so much I will definitely make more. Thanks for stopping by. Have a vintage-y lace up day!

Paper: Kazoo Kids (K&Company), Cardboard
Accessories: ShoeLaces, Tacky Glue

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Natasha said...

ADORABLE!!! I've got no problem with Spiderman in Sacrament meeting. Bring on the superheros!

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