Aug 19, 2008

Picture Frames

One thing I have been reflecting on lately is that I have great friends. My lovely friend Kage gave me this cool picture frame with a pic of me and some other friends for my birthday. (Check out their websites/blogs. They are all VERY VERY talented. Thats Cassandra, and Helen. 

 I love this frame. The pattern is really great and it adds love and life to my shelf. Thanks Kage!!

Since I have been home from Utah I have been racking my brain for an idea of what to do for my sisters and mom to say thank you for such a great birthday party. They gave me all the love I needed on a not-so-fun day. Translation: I was feeling old and was wallowing...bad. They gave me just the right pick-me-up and now I am 31 with no emotional scars (well, not big ones anyway).

One day as I was staring at this frame Kage gave me it clicked an I knew I needed to make some for my family. We took pictures on my birthday and I just knew this would be the perfect thing to show my love. 

I picked up these wood frames at Michael's (they were super cheap... don't tell my family!) Added some of my favorite patterned paper a few embellishments and our picture and Viola! Instant gift. I put a thin coat of Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish and a more professional touch. Sorry about the glare. I have been having camera/brain issues lately. I must practice at my picture and photoshop skills. Here they are in all their glory.
They were really fun (and did I say Easy?) to make and I picked paper I thought went with their personalities so I got to think a lot about the wonderful family I have. The only bummer is the pictures weren't that great. A bit fuzzy, poorly cropped (by me) and why is the picture on the wall behind us crooked??? Who knows. But I figure they can put whatever pictures they like in it when I'm not looking : )

Thanks girls (both in NY and UT) for making my birthday so great!!!


Kage said...

yeah. don't tell k-sesh that the frame kage gave her was INexpensive as well.... ; ) love you...glad you are 30 and 31 before me....but believe, me, my wallowing has begun.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, didn't know you would post. THANKS for the gift. It did make me smile and smile!! Love, G

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