Jun 10, 2014

Gallery Idol 2014 Round 4: Makin' Waves

Hey there, welcome back!! Can you believe it's been another week and another round for Gallery Idol 2014?!

Honestly, time is flying and I can't believe I'm still in the running!  I wouldn't be here without your votes, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Each and every one of you!!! It's been such an honour and pleasure to be apart of this contest thus far. Here's hoping for a chance at the final round!
So lets get to it...

Meet my card.
I like to call it: "Waves Hello"... HA! Get it?  I thought it was kind of funny when it came to me, so it stuck. This week's challenge is all about using border stamps in interesting ways. So let me show you what I did.

I used this stamp set by Waltzing Mouse Stamps. It really is the only set I have that I deemed an authentic "border" stamp set. But out of this entire set (which is well loved) I used only ONE stamp to create my card.

I started by stamping the zig zag stamp four times in 3 different shades of blue. After stamping them in ink, I heat set a layer of clear embossing powder to make them nice and shiny.

For the next steps I fussy cut each zig zag image (yup... each one) and started to braid them together by weaving them around each other. As you can see below I alternate one zig on top and one zag underneath, repeated with each strip.

Here is my first block of blue colour woven together. Isn't it lovely?! It has such an amazing effect. I think it really brings the image to life. You can see in the second photo the backside of my woven strips. I think the white is equally as striking! (hmmm, I will save that for another card ; )

I decided I didn't want an entire sea of blue (OY! the puns never end!) so I coloured my own yellow panel using Copic Markers to layer underneath the waves.

I took my woven strips and yellow panel and laid out my card to get a general idea of what it would look like before committing to it with glue.

I decided to cut this card to be almost standard size. I didn't want to lose any zig zags so it is 6 inches tall but the standard width at 4.25. I took a darker shade of a yellow Copica and added some shading to the bottom of my negative spaced yellow diamonds. It really helped add some more dimension since after all those waves, the yellow alone seemed a bit flat. (compare diamonds from the photo above to this photo below... big difference!) 

I die cut my HELLO sentiment 4 times. The bottom three layers are a dark blue which helps add some dimension and shadow. The top layer was cut out of white and I used my two Copic colours to add an ombre effect to my letters. I heat embossed my crane (Mama Elephant) and added some shading with yellow and a glitter gel pen. Then finishing with some candy dots that I coloured with the same Copics. This took my regular yellow dots that didn't match at all and changed them into something usable! Which of course I love.

You can see some of the shine the embossing gives the waves and hopefully some of the dimension too! This card was delightful to put together. And can you believe I only had to do ONE version! The stars were aligned for me this weekend and it seemed to just come together so easily. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

So that's it! My border stamped card for you to enjoy. Hope you like it! And if you do like it and want to send me on to the next round, please head over to Paper Crafts Mag and cast your VOTE! Remember voting STARTS this Tuesday at noon and ENDS this Thursday at noon (Mountain Daylight Time) so head over as soon as you can. Cause if you are anything like me, once Wednesday hits, the week is basically over in a flash, and BAM you've missed the whole thing!

I want to take this time to thank you again for all your support. Whether by comments, votes or the sweet emails you send me, it means so much to me! You are appreciated! This hobby o' mine has become such a joy in life because of the amazing people I have met and the generosity that is shared in the crafting community. It's amazing to behold!

That's all for this week. After thursday I will come back and show you the other cards I made with all the leftover zig zags... boy did  I cut A LOT!

Hope you have a great week!
Thanks for stopping by,


Jaclyn Miller said...

LOVE it! Your intertwined borders are so fantastic and man, did you put some time into this baby! Good luck this round.

Miriam Prantner said...

Loving the weaving of the waves! It looks fantastic and I love the balance from the break of the yellow in there. Gorgeous!

~amy~ said...

awesome touch with the weaving...looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Your weaving of the waves are so beautiful. I love the colour gradation. Good Luck!

coco said...

Such a brilliant idea- you captured the essence of waves and how they flow in and out of one another- and a beautiful card, too! Best wishes and hope you continue on.

Jill said...

Kristie--this card IS Awesomesauce too! So love the idea of weaving your waves--so creative and fun. The colors are wonderful and every detail makes it come together swimmingly :) you deserve to go on! Good luck to you! :)

Kelly Griglione said...

Really great idea to weave those zig-zags together to create a very unique card. Also enjoyed reading how this card came to be and your thought process behind it. Well done!

keren said...

This is so lovely- the intertwining looks gorgeous. So creative considering you only had one border stamp! Hope you get through to the next round x

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