Nov 12, 2010

Pink Persimmon New Stamp Sets!!

Hey there all! I just wanted to drop in since it has been AGES since I have posted. I wanted to share with you a bit from the amazing new stamp sets that Pink Persimmon has just come out with. I got the great opportunity to play with them and oh how I LOVE them! Here they are from the Pink Persimmon website. Click on the link and enjoy!

I made a few cards but will only share two of them today. Here is the first:

I clear embossed the image and then sponged it with ink. The top is Brilliance Galaxy Gold and has a great shimmer to it. I added a little jewel at the top.

Here is the second:
I made up a wreath using the small leaf stamp images. I punched a circle with my 3/4" circle punch and lightly fixed it to the center. I stamped around it to help me keep the wreath even. I stamped the small vine-y like image around the edge. I also copied the same onto the envelope using a different color. This sweet envie actually came from a gift I received from Red Envelope. The perfect color and size for a quick card and of course it was completely intact and just begging to be used again. I stamped the Merry Christmas image with Galaxy Gold as well, trimmed and popped it up.

So that's it for tonight. A few seasonal cards to get you all in the moooood. I have been a bit MIA since the auto focus on my camera has broken and taking pictures is just not as fun as it used to be. Gotta get a new lens since we have had this thing fixed more than once. I am a little bit exhausted of broken things in this house! So forgive me if my pics are blurry. They seem to be almost in focus except for one small spot. If you can find it in these pics, you are the winner! Ok, gonna hit the hay now so...
Nighty Night!

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